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We offer a bespoke
solution to cater
your home needs

We align your goals with ours.

The right product, at the right quality, with the right price.

Find their passion, teach an understanding of reciprocity, and instill a sense of global citizenship and planetary responsibility.

Because we have deep knowledge of raw materials sourcing.

We have a strong, competitive, and optimized production base.

We speed up developments, deliveries, and re-orders’ lead time.

We optimise designs with carefully planned sample rounds.


We have in-house packaging solutions for added flexibility.


And we analyse retail data to better inform your decision.




We align your goals with ours.

Customer orientation

Safety and reliability



Ethical principles

Social and environmental commitment

Ethical and professional development of our team

Good corporate governance and openness

Bespoke solution


We have a flexible, competitive, and fast production base around the world. And we only partner with sustainable and compliant manufacturers.

Because, We care!

We develop sustainable value, with an efficient, cost-effective service showing responsibility, integrity and respect for both people and environment.

We care!

We believe we can all make a difference!

GPS, creating sustainable solutions!

Weaving Sustainable Solutions

To create value sustainably, with an efficiente, cost-effective service showing responsabilty, integrity and respect for people and the environment.

We make it easier for you to develop great products with us.
Care for the planet!

For urgent matters, please call:

+351 221 114 839